How Long Can we Continue to LOSE €20 Per Pig?

The Irish pork and pigmeat industry is the third most important agricultural sector in Ireland, ranking third in Gross Agricultural Output (GAO) after beef and dairy and employing an estimated 8000 people.

Best Producers

We as producers of the finest pork and bacon in the world have fought long and hard to help maintain and protect our Irish products. It is extremely frustrating when our farmers are forced to fight against a crippling price war. Time and time again our farmers are being hit with this crisis. The drop in the Irish pig price has come as another blow.

Threat to family farms

Loss of jobs, family security and pride is what it comes down to and if this crisis continues these will all be features of our farmer’s lives. It affects not only the families of the farmer but right down the industry to the sales assistant who serves you your Truly Irish products. We need your help to ensure the welfare of this industry, the farmer and their families who rely so desperately on this sector is protected. It is the customer who can help keep these jobs alive and help our farmers grow in confidence knowing that the people of Ireland are supporting them.

Public Support

We urge the public to support Irish farmers. We would ask all consumers to please be aware of the high level of imported pork and bacon which is mislabelled as Irish. Produce of Ireland and Produced in Ireland are two different terms not to be misconceived. We need to safeguard this sector and those who rely on it for a living.

Secure jobs

When you buy Truly Irish know that you are 100% supporting Irish farmers. Truly Irish supports more than 8000 jobs in Ireland, along with the farmers, their families and children. Purchasing Truly Irish products ensures the safety of jobs, the supporting of your local economy but most importantly the protection of the livelihoods of thousands of farmer’s children who are the future. Support Truly Irish and the Irish pig industry always ensuring you purchase meat with the quality mark.

Article by Shane McAuliffe from Truly Irish